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This Code of Conduct has been drafted to ensure a safe, respectful and friendly environment for Baltimore Yacht Basin (BYB) Slip Holders and guests.


The BYB expects its Slip Holders and guests to comply with the Code of Conduct while on the property and its water lot. Failure to comply in any way may result in expulsion from the BYB property.


BYB Slip Holders and guests will show courtesy and respect to all others at all times both on and off the water while on BYB property. BYB Slip Holders are responsible for the conduct of their guests at all times.

  1. Slip Holders agree not to use or permit the use of hibachis or any other type of wood/charcoal cooking equipment aboard their boat or on the piers at any time.

  2. The entrances and piers must not be obstructed or encumbered in any way or used for any other purpose than ingress and egress.

  3. All garbage and trash must be placed in trash bags and deposited in the containers provided at the BYB. All dumping is prohibited.

  4. No major repairs to boats may be done in slips, to include but not limited to, spray painting, heavy fiberglass repairs or major sanding.

  5. All Slip Holders and Contractors are responsible for removing all waste, oil, grease, paints and used batteries from BYB property. Use of Marina dumpster is not permitted for disposal of these items.

  6. No motorized vehicles, skateboards, roller skates or horseplay shall be permitted on Piers.

  7. Pets must be accompanied by their Slip Holder and either carried or kept on a tight leash at all times. The Slip Holder of each pet is responsible for cleaning any spoilage. The Slip Holder of each pet is responsible for making sure his or her pet does not interfere with the rights, comforts or convenience of other Slip Holders.

  8. No obnoxious or offensive activity shall be carried on in any slip or become an annoyance or nuisance to any other Slip Holder.

  9. All Slip Holders shall keep the volume of any musical entertainment in the BYB or on their boats sufficiently reduced at all times so as not to disturb other Slip Holders.

  10. No slip shall be used for any unlawful purpose and no Slip Holder shall do or permit any unlawful act in or upon his slip.

  11. Solicitation is not permitted on BYB property. If any Slip Holder is solicited by any person in the BYB, the Dockmaster must be notified immediately.

  12. Violation of procedures, disorder, depredation or indecorous conduct by any Slip Holder or guest is cause for cancellation of any rental agreement at the Slip Holder’s expense.


Any breach of Baltimore Yacht Basin’s Code of Conduct will be reviewed by the BYB management team and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken.


Please report any breaches of the code of conduct in writing to the Dockmaster.


Thank you for your cooperation.

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